ylmyeq · 2021-01-26

Short traffic lights now a little longer

The Ministry of Transportation has finished repairs to the traffic lights at Highway 89 and County Road 10.

An investigation into the malfunctioning lights was launched in February after complaints from the public and enquiries from the Alliston Herald.

"Based on our findings, staff worked with the design consultant to modify the signal timing by allocating more green time to Highway 89 through traffic," said Will MacKenzie, from the MTO.

In February, MacKenzie said MTO had received complaints about the lights at the intersection.

At the time, the green light for east- and westbound traffic on Highway 89 would only last about 10 seconds, which was long enough for only a few cars to get through from a stand still.

MTO admitted it was not an adequate time for a green light.

The new light timing pattern was installed in late February, and MTO said they are not aware of any new complaints.

Another traffic study has been conducted to determine if the changes were adequate. The data is currently being studied, MacKenzie said.