cbgccw dejosvjy · 2021-03-11

Provincial pesticide ban makes Collingwood ban void

The province of Ontario is now enforcing the cosmetic pesticide ban in Collingwood.

Wendy Martin, the town’s greenspace manager, made a presentation to council on Monday, explaining the province’s new pesticide ban that came into effect on Apr. 22.

The provincial ban makes the municipal ban void. The legislation makes it illegal to use pesticides – including products like weed and feed – on lawns, flowers, vegetables, patios and driveways.

The ban does allow the use of products such as corn gluten meal and garden sulfur. Pesticides such as insect repellant, rat and mice bait and ant killer can be used on species that bite, sting or cause damage to structure- such as termites. Products can also be used to kill mosquitoes, wasps and plants such as poison ivy.

The provincial ban is similar to the municipal ban but does allow for the use of pesticides to deal with infestations on the outside structure of a home.

The province will be enforcing the ban by education and outreach, inspections and complaints.

"Retailers are not allowed to sell controlled products without a vendor license," Martin said.

Counc. Sonny Foley didn’t understand why products such as Round-Up can’t be used to deal with grubs and weeds. He said the product is considered safe by the federal government.

"Are we just going to let the whole town go to rack and ruin," Foley said. "The province thinks they are smarter than the federal government."