pefw cgeo · 2021-01-28

Ice jams have moderated: NVCA

Officials continue to warn of possible flooding in Wasaga Beach.

The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority advises that flooding from ice jams in the Nottawasaga River have moderated, but remain in place and flooding could return as ice moves downstream, said flood warning coordinator Brian Smith in a flood advisory issued Monday.

He said ice jams are difficult to predict and can cause a rapid change in water levels.

Smith said weather forecasts call for above-freezing temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday, returning to below-freezing on Friday.

"No liquid precipitation is expected. This scenario will result in consolidation of the snowpack but should not cause significant runoff and changes to stream levels," said Smith.

People, especially children, are advised to stay away from all bodies of water as unstable ice, slippery banks and cold water may result in life threatening conditions.

The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority continues to monitor the situation.

The flood warning advisory is in effect until Friday.

Call 424-1479 and dial 1 for the flood information line or visit