hsycsoyg · 2021-03-02

Heritage committee assess cultural value of fitness centre

The Collingwood Fitness Centre – also known as the Contact Centre – could be declared a heritage building in the future.

According to the minutes of the March 19 heritage advisory committee, the committee is looking at developing a statement of cultural heritage value for the property.

The building – which is located on Napier Street – is the former home of Connaught Public School.

The building will be vacant once the new fitness centre is built at Heritage Park – at the corner of High and Third Streets. The building has long been neglected and some members of council – including Mayor Chris Carrier and Counc. Tim McNabb – were in favour of closing the facility.

Carrier said there were discussions about a residential development on the property. Carrier would like to see the town divest themselves of the building.

"I would prefer to get rid of it and sell it," he said.

He said that under the province’s policy statement for planning, communities will only be allowed to develop inside of their ‘built boundaries,’ so Carrier argues that some developments will have to be created on the sites of old buildings. He said this could be one of those sites.

"This is one that could be viable," he said.