cbgccw dejosvjy · 2021-03-17

Facebook 101 a must for kids and grown-ups

Parents are always concerned about keeping their children safe.

A free presentation Tuesday, May 12 at Beaver Valley Community School will offer ways to keep both parents and children safer on the world’s largest social networking site.

Facebook 101 focusses on how to maximize Facebook settings with an emphasis on safety, security and privacy. The presentation will talk about "friends, acquaintances and strangers" and the potential impact they can have on a real-world reputation and career.

Presenter Chris Vollum is based in Oakville. A parent of two children, Vollum was "shocked" at the security and privacy flaws he found in Facebook when his children began using it. His Facebook 101 workshop is designed to show parents, students, teachers and school administrators how to apply Facebook settings to minimize privacy breaches and defend against becoming a victim of cyber-bullying. Facebook 101 has been presented in schools throughout Toronto, southwestern and central Ontario and has been called a "must see" by numerous principals, teachers and parents who have taken part in it.

"Using vivid demonstrations, examples of success and horror stories, Chris Vollum’s workshop on Facebook can help you or a family member immensely as he walks you through the important aspects of managing your Facebook presence," said Lynn Wilson, a parent council co-chair from Brant Hills Elementary School, after she’d seen the workshop.

"In a time when many employers routinely scan Facebook for insights on potential employees, it pays to know who can access you on Facebook and how much they can see. Vollum references situations that students can relate to in his presentation and emphasizes critical thinking and responsible action for students who choose to use Facebook. We highly recommend Vollum’s workshop to both new and experienced Facebook users of all ages."

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site with more than 175 users worldwide. It is also Canada’s most visited site.

Facebook 101 will show participants how to set Facebook’s basic and advanced, search, privacy and posting tools. It will show what happens when you download any of Facebook’s more than 50,000 third-party applications such as FunSpace, Top Friends and Bumper Stickers.

It will also show how to distinguish between a Facebook friend, acquintance and stranger, and the potential impact it can have on your real-world reputation and career.

In addition, you’ll learn the critical question every student must ask before they add a Facebook friend, how to limit access to certain Facebook friends and allow full access to others, what really happens to the information you post to your profile and to your friend’s profiles, what employers and university admissions officers are doing with your Facebook profile and how to reinvent your Facebook profile into a powerful and substantive résumé.

The presentation is being offered to students in Grades 6 to 8 at both Meaford Community School and BVCS during the day on Tuesday, May 12. Older students are welcome at the evening presentation at BVCS and childcare is available for younger children.

All three presentations are being made available by the joint efforts of the school community councils of MCS and BVCS.