skscfjb · 2021-10-01

Everett residents want playground

A group of Everett residents is pushing for park equipment for their neighbourhood.

Maureen Nixon has lived on Dekker Street for the past five years. During that time, she has stared a nearby seemingly empty field, wondering why the township hasn’t built any playground equipment. The area is designated as parkland and currently has water and waste treatment facilities underneath.

Nixon, like many people on the street, has small children. Hers are ages three and five, but she said there are about 120 more children in the subdivision younger than 12. She said they need a place to play, and with the economy in a recession, affordable recreation needs to be accessible.

"Now, more than ever, families need somewhere to go where it doesn’t cost money. We need to become more of a community," she said.

Nixon said all of the existing playground equipment in Everett is found north of County Road 5, making it a long and dangerous walk for young children.

At an Adjala-Tosorontio council meeting last week, the group of residents pitched a proposal to work with the township to get the equipment installed.

Coun. Joy Webster said she was impressed with the initiative the group has shown.

"They want to see a partnership. They didn’t come banging on the door looking for money," Webster said.

The group, which is a subcommittee of the Everett Parks and Improvement Committee, is more interested in getting the ball rolling now, Nixon said.

Nixon said the group is willing to look at fundraising and other necessary steps to make the park a reality.

Council directed staff to meet with the group to determine how and where equipment could be placed on the land.

The group has set up a Facebook page to keep the community advised as to how the project is progressing.

It is called "Neighbours for a Park on Dekker Street" and can be found by typing the name into the search bar at the popular social networking site (