sfjwzls · 2021-09-29

Council approves water rates

Council approved the water and wastewater rate bylaw at last Tuesday’s meeting, solidifying the cost that will be applied to the new water metering system.

Wasaga Beach will charge 42 cents per cubic metre of water and 69 cents per cubic metre of wastewater on top of a $26 monthly flat rate this year and rates will increase over time.

All councillors except George Watson supported the bylaw.

Watson said he supports 99 per cent of the bylaw but not the fee schedule.

He asked that the municipality reduce the per-unit charges and phase them in more gradually over several years.

"Everywhere you turn, costs seem to be going up yet hardly anyone is immune from the recession that is hitting our investments, our homes and our jobs. I for one cannot condone increases of this magnitude at this time," Watson said.