uleomh · 2021-02-05

Collingwood eyes more affordable units on High Street

The Town of Collingwood is now looking to other levels of government for assistance with the High Street affordable housing project.

The project, currently being developed, was designed to include 18 affordable housing units and 12 market-rental units. The municipality had received about $1.26 million from the province to develop the project.

However, Council voted on Monday to ask the County of Simcoe to lobby the government for an additional $840,000 to make the additional 12 units affordable housing units.

Counc. Norman Sandberg was poised to defer the motion until the Affordable Housing Task Force had an opportunity to offer its opinion.

However, CAO Gordon Norris said if council didn’t make a decision that night, there would not be enough time to apply for the grant.

Sandberg voted in favour, but appeared to be hesitant.

"There is always a preference for mixed (residential development) in a development such as this," he said. "I do it with some reluctance."

Norris underscored the importance of the development, saying it’s taken more than 20 years to get one affordable housing unit.

"These are the first residential units we have constructed in Collingwood in 20 years," he said.

Counc. Kathy Jeffery was in favour of the plan.

"I think this is a good thing, especially with the economy we are going into," she said.

Council passed the motion by a 7-0 vote.