utjtsw · 2020-12-28

Bike lanes may be in works planned for Heathcote bridge

The bridge on County Rd. 13 in Heathcote is scheduled for an estimated $500,000 pulverization and reconstruction project this spring, according to the Grey County Transportation Department.

The plan is to crush the length of road from the bridge in Heathcote to the Hemlock Bridge and re-pave it, possibly adding a 1.2 to 1.5 metre wide cycle/walking path to each side, according to Sharon Melvill of Grey County Transportation and Public Safety.

There is a committee looking into the bike lane addition.

In the meantime, the asphalt on the two County Rd. 13 bridges will be removed, repairs will be done to the decks and waterproofing added prior to the new asphalt over the top decks.

The asphalt on the roads will also be ground up, and replaced, with some of the old materials being reused for the bottom layer, according to Melville.

She added that the bridgework will be done first, followed by the road work.