refnzpz · 2021-09-30

Whatever floats their cardboard boats

On your marks, get set, float.

Staying afloat was the primary goal during the Great Cardboard Boat Race at the Innisfil Recreation Complex Wednesday.

Grade 8 students from the public and separate school boards took part in the competition, which was as much about design and ingenuity as it was about paddle power.

The program was set up by the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP). Judging of the boats was based on construction, speed, weight and team spirit.

“The cardboard boat races are for students who have an interest in design and construction,” said Andrea Brulé, OYAP co-ordinator. “The event involves planning, teamwork, problem solving, and most importantly, it’s a fun and interactive learning experience for our Grade 8 students.”

The students worked in teams of four and had two hours to build their boat with the provided supplies, including cardboard, duct tape, contact cement, string and a paperclip.

Once they were built, students put their creations in the pool and raced with at least one student occupant.

If the boat survived the race, they were entered into the weight competition where the boat must stay afloat for a minimum of two minutes with as many students inside as the teams wish.

The record to date is a boat holding seven students for two minutes before collapsing.