pthvnyi · 2021-03-15

Union helps fight against abuse

La Maison Rosewood Shelter received some much-needed aid last week.

The local branch of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) donated $2,000 to the women’s shelter – one of 50 shelters across Canada that received a donation from the union – in conjunction with International Women’s Day.

The donation, noted local CAW spokesperson Alex Contois, came from the CAW National Social Justice program, which puts $100,000 aside each year to donate to women’s shelters.

Each local has to apply for the donation, said Contois, who applied on behalf of Rosewood, an emergency shelter that provides residential and non-residential support to abused women.

“It’s important because there is a lot of abuse against women, and that’s a real no-no with CAW,” he told The Mirror.

Each year, more than 60 women in Canada are killed by their partner or ex-partner. According to a recent Statistics Canada report, more than 38,000 incidents of spousal violence are reported to police across Canada annually.

“The CAW has made ending violence against women a priority,” said Contois. “Real change comes with a political commitment to progressive social policy. Therefore, we will continue to challenge all levels of government to commit to concrete solutions that produce real change for women.”

Contois, who said he knows of a few people who have required the assistance of a shelter, noted CAW recognizes the problems women have: “A lot of it is because of men. We are against violence against women, so that’s why we do it.”