sfjwzls · 2021-10-20

Town looking for comments on burning bylaw

The Town of Collingwood is looking for public comment on its newly proposed open-air burning bylaw.

Those wishing to speak to the proposed bylaw are asked to contact the clerk’s department.

The town is currently mulling over the bylaw to replace the bylaw passed last year, which was considered restrictive and was passed without public comment. The previous bylaw didn’t allow the use of outdoor fireplaces, campfires and allowed very little outdoor burning.

"I don’t wish to delay it," said Collingwood Mayor Chris Carrier. "I’m hoping we can deal with it a little more quietly. But not as quietly as we dealt with it last year."

Under the proposed bylaw, residents must get a fire permit for $25, and all fires must meet fire department specifications.

Residents will be allowed:

• A fire for an outdoor fireplace with a spark arrestor – 15 feet away from any building, structure, property line, tree, hedge, fence, roadway, overhead wires or combustible article.

• Cooking fire between sunrise and midnight that measures .3 metres in each direction and must be no less than 25 metres from any building, structure, property line, hedge, fence, roadway or overhead wires.

• Special event permit, regulations will be set and agreed by the fire department.

Collingwood Fire Chief Trent Elyea said the department prefers to have people use chimineas and commercial fire places, rather than just an open-air fire.

"As long as it meets the requirements that we set out," Elyea said.

He said people are having fires without a permit and said this bylaw will allow them to control it.

"People are doing it anyway, this will allow us to regulate it," he said.

If you are caught without a permit, you could be required to pay the cost of the fire department if they are called to your home.

For more information visit www.collingwood.ca