uleomh · 2021-11-26

Stolen 2010 pickup fished out of river

Police and tow truck crews pulled a brand new, Ford F-150 pickup truck from the depths of the Nottawasaga River at about 6 p.m. tonight (Thurs., April 16, 2009).

The truck was found submerged in the river where it crosses the 5th Line of Essa just north of Nicolston Dam on Highway 89.

It had apparently been spotted a couple of days ago by a young fisherman, but he didn’t think anything of it at the time. However, another passerby today spotted it and called police.

Prior to that, high water levels from rain and spring runoff likely kept the vehicle hidden from view in the deeper, murky water.

There was some initial concern that the driver might have still been inside, but it quickly became clear the vehicle was empty.

The ignition had been punched out and a check by Nottawasaga OPP revealed the 2010 model, four-door pickup truck had been reported stolen from Toronto April 1. Police believe the truck has been in the river ever since.

Access to the water was apparently gained by a rough driveway just north of the river used by fisherman to park.

All the windows in the vehicle had been rolled down. It took two tow trucks and a Jeep with a winch to pull the soggy vehicle up the steep embankment onto dry ground.