ovkxqp · 2021-10-21

New way for a new day

At the Wasaga Sun we are constantly exploring new trends and innovations in our industry to better serve readers and advertisers.

The Sun and its sister papers in Simcoe County are part of the Metroland Media Group, proprietor of more than 100 papers throughout southern Ontario. On March 1 all Metroland tabloid papers converted to a modular format, resulting in some significant changes.

The first, and most obvious, is the size. We have gone with a shorter tab that has proven popular with readers and advertisers in other communities. Why? First, and foremost, it’s easier to read, more manageable to handle. But that’s not all.

The change in size comes with a switch to modular layout. Without boring you with industry chatter, it means the layout of the paper will be cleaner, allowing for more creative design of both editorial content and advertising.

The change has wider ramifications. Most notably, it reduces the company’s carbon footprint because it requires the use of fewer resources to meet business needs.

Change is ongoing and constant. We are committed to meeting the challenges, and also opportunities, presented by change to better serve the community.

If you have comments about the new format send them to John Devine, group editor, at jdevine@simcoe.com