uleomh · 2021-03-22 0

New leaf/yard waste program for seniors

The town of New Tecumseth is making it easier for seniors and disabled to have their leaves, yard waste and brush picked up.

Rather than having to bag leaves like all residents currently have to do for the county pick-up days, disabled people and seniors in New Tecumseth can now apply for a special new town pick-up  program. If approved, they can simply rake the leaves to the boulevard in front of their homes for pickup.

The program is for seniors and people with a disability. This is the first time the town assistance program is being offered.

This year’s collections will be during the weeks of May 11, Nov. 2 and Nov. 23.

There may have been some confusion from a previous article published in the Herald. The town will not rake up the leaves. The leaves and yard waste must be raked up or collected and left on the boulevard.

People wanting to sign onto the town’s assistance program must fill out an application before May 4. It is open to people over 65 years with no able bodied person living in the residence. People under 65 are also eligible with a doctor’s note.

Note, you must apply and be approved for the program before pick up will take place.

Applications are available online at or by calling 905-729-1260.