mwzj · 2021-10-11

Gas Tax funds doubling

Larry Miller, MP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, is glad to announce that the Federal Government is doubling the portion of gas tax funding that goes to municipalities.

"Municipalities will see their share of the Federal Gas Tax double," said Miller, "These funds can be used to improve local roads, bridges, and wastewater systems," the MP said last week.

On April 1st, 2009, the federal Gas Tax Transfer to the provinces and territories to support better municipal infrastructure doubled to $2 billion annually. The Gas Tax Fund (GTF) will remain at that level beyond 2014, when the Government makes it a permanent measure, providing Ontario municipalities with stable and predictable funding for their long-term infrastructure priorities.  Accelerating the first payment of the Gas Tax Fund by almost three months, the federal government is making up to $1 billion available to municipalities almost three months early.

"This will stimulate our local economy and allow our towns and municipalities to repair our infrastructure," commented Miller, "Our government is putting the funding and decision making power back where it belongs; at the local level," concluded Miller.

The Gas Tax Fund is part of an ongoing commitment from the Government of Canada to create jobs and stimulate the economy through modern public infrastructure. It is also an example of all levels of government working together to improve infrastructure and the quality of life of Canadians.

Meaford Mayor Francis Richardson said his municipality was aware that the new money was coming forward. He said his municipality already has plans in place to use the extra Gas Tax money to "leverage" more infrastructure funds from other provincial and federal programs using the Gas Tax funds as the municipality’s one-third share.

"It is part of the money ($1 million) that (Financial Consultant David Kennedy said we have available to leverage more from the province and feds. That is one of the reasons that amount is so significant," said Mayor Richardson. "The better news is that it is guaranteed until 2014 at that level," he added.

The GTF makes capital investments in water, wastewater and solid waste infrastructure, public transit, community energy systems, and local roads and bridges. The Fund combines predictable, long-term funding with local decision making and planning to enable municipalities to build and rehabilitate their core public infrastructure.

Gas Tax funding is provided nationwide and the money is allocated based on population. There is a separate agreement between Canada and the City of Toronto for the City’s Gas Tax Fund allocation. The Association of Municipalities of Ontario and the City of Toronto, partner with the federal government to deliver the funds to Ontario municipalities and the City of Toronto on behalf of the federal government.  The first payment will be made in April, in the past, payments have been made in July and then November.

The Gas Tax Fund is providing Ontarians with stable funding that will have a tangible impact on their quality of life and the long-term sustainability of their communities.   The GTF has already provided funding towards various projects that support community energy systems, water and wastewater treatment and local roads and bridges.

Funds coming to Grey County will increase as follows:

Chatsworth from $102,028 to $204,057

Georgian Bluffs from $164,935 to $329,870

Grey County from $1,447,131 to $2,894,261

Grey Highlands from $149,403 to $298,807

Hanover from $111,598 to $223,195

Meaford from $168,656 to $337,311

Owen Sound from $348,180 to $696,360

Southgate from $112,215 to $224,430

West Grey from $190,751 to $381,502

The Blue Mountains from $99,364 to $198,728