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CRM offers plumbing services

Used to heading out of the house to work, plumber Che MacInnis was curious when his own toilet refused to flush a couple of years ago.

“Cow,” said his three-year-old son Colbin. “Cow.”

Indeed, further investigation revealed the plastic toy farm animal.

During his 25-year career, the president of CRM Mechanical has fished a variety of toy cars and stuffed animals out of drains, but spends more time constructing new plumbing systems than maintaining existing ones.

“I work throughout Simcoe County and down into the northern GTA (Greater Toronto Area),” MacInnis says about his Innisfil-based company. Although he does service and renovation projects for the residential and light-commercial markets, the Newfoundland native works mostly on new custom-home sites.

That’s where he gets to source out and install interesting products you usually only see in magazines, he says, recalling a $3,000 faucet for one such home.

Other specialty items have included hydronic heating systems (like radiant floor or towel rack heaters), showers with built-in vertical spas, multiple shower heads and body sprays, and dog washes which incorporate a shower base and hand-held faucet into the garage.

Having grown up with a father in the construction industry, he spent most summers on site as a labourer.

“I always had an interest in the trades,” he recalls. “I had the opportunity for plumbing, stuck with it and didn’t look back.”

When he and wife Michelle, who is currently finishing up her accounting designation, first came to Ontario, they landed in a basement apartment in Toronto. Between jobs, he asked his neighbour (a plumber) for work.

To test him out, he gave him a shovel and told him to spend the day backfilling a trench.  The next day, when he showed up sore but willing to work, he was hired. Soon thereafter his five-year apprenticeship began. MacInnis opted for the additional two years required to obtain his Masters designation, which authorizes him to do additional design and consultation.

That big-picture outlook would come in handy to home owners, he says, when they’re in the planning stage of a renovation project.

“Unfortunately, plumbing often goes last, after the walls are finished,” he says. “If the plumber was consulted earlier in the process, some design catastrophes could be avoided.”

He remembers, for example, coming into a project where the home-owner had no choice but to put the tub up against the vanity – an untraditional choice.

“But without ripping something out, they’re stuck,” he adds.

Originally working for another plumber, he saw an opportunity about six years ago to begin his own business full time, so he took it. With a college education in business, he went forward with expertise in both sides of the company.

Having been working on some job sites in the Innisfil area, MacInnis and his wife, who hadn’t yet had their son or Regan, their daughter (now seven), moved up here as quickly as they could.

“I like the slower pace and the outdoors,” he says of his adopted home. “It also feels a little bit closer to where I grew up.”

Now well established (he gets so many referrals he doesn’t need to advertise), MacInnis works hard to further his reputation by infusing integrity and quality workmanship in every project.

For more information, call MacInnis at 705-720-0747.