qxxrjjoy · 2021-01-19

Bluewater saves the (Labour) day

Summer vacation could have been cut short this year.

A calendar anomaly has Labour Day falling on September 7 this year, which forces school boards to begin the school year before the long weekend that characteristically marks the end of summer vacation. However, the Bluewater board has come up with a solution to save the final days of freedom, at least for students in the district.

In following the rules of the Education Act, school boards across the province are required to begin the 2009 – 2010 school year prior to Labour Day. The Bluewater board decided to use some of the allowable professional activity (PA) days at the beginning of the year so that students will not have to attend classes until September 8. The school year for staff will begin on September 2.

The schedule, which has students in class until June 29 will be submitted to the Ministry of Education for approval on May 1, 2009.