npiuuwh · 2021-03-04

Animal cruelty conviction results in lifetime ownership ban

A Clearview Township woman will not be able to own an animal for the rest of her life after being convicted of animal cruelty in a Barrie courtroom this week.

The first-ever lifetime ban was handed down to Patricia Hoel.

“A lifetime ban on animal ownership helps to ensure that animals can be protected from abuse and neglect,” said SPCA senior inspector Mindy Hall. “This verdict clearly demonstrates that Ontarians will not tolerate animal cruelty.”

Hoel received a three-year probation, with Ontario SPCA inspection rights, and 240 hours of community service. She must also attend an animal empathy course and pay $1,500 in restitution to the Ontario SPCA.

Hoel was breeding and selling Shih Tzu puppies and Persian cats through a retail website, and came to the attention of investigators after the Barrie branch of the Ontario SPCA received a complaint about the poor conditions of her property.

Investigators found extremely poor sanitation and ventilation on site, and the animals were very dirty and matted. One dog was so badly injured that he required surgery.

The animals were seized by the Ontario SPCA and were immediately taken to a local veterinary hospital where they received extensive medical care.

Most of the animals will have lifelong health issues, but have all recovered from their initial injuries and were adopted to loving homes, according to the SPCA.